These are student forms. Additional information for teachers including all guidelines, fees, and detail sheets may be found in the TVMTA Handbook found on the Member page.

TVMTA Recitals - Student Information & Registration Form

TVMTA Recitals - Teacher Guidelines & Information

TVMTA Festival Auditions -Student Information & Registration Form

TVMTA Festival Auditions -Teacher Guidelines & Information

TVMTA 11th Annual Young Artist Piano Competition - Registration Form

TVMTA "Music-in-Art" Youth Competition - Registration Form

CAPMT Piano Auditions & Ensembles - Registration Forms

CAPMT Honors Auditions -Registration Forms

CAPMT Contemporary Festival - Registration Forms

CAPMT Concerto Competition - Registration Forms

CAPMT Southern Festival -Registration Forms

Royal Conservatory Music Development Assessments - Register Here

Practice-A-Thon - Registration Forms