These are student forms. Additional information for teachers including all guidelines, fees, and detail sheets may be found in theTVMTA Handbook found on the Member page.

COMPLETE TVMTA Printable Handbook

TVMTA Recitals - Student Information & Registration Form

TVMTA Recitals - Teacher Guidelines & Information

TVMTA Festival Auditions -Student Information & Registration Form 2018-2019

TVMTA Festival Auditions -Teacher Guidelines & Information 2018-2019

TVMTA 12th Annual Young Artist Piano Competition - Registration Form 2019 - CANCELLED


CAPMT Piano Auditions & Ensembles - Registration Forms

CAPMT Honors Auditions -Registration Forms

CAPMT Contemporary Festival - Registration Forms

CAPMT Concerto Competition - Registration Forms

CAPMT Southern Festival -Registration Forms

Royal Conservatory of Music Certification Program (RCM) - Register Here

Practice-A-Thon - Registration Forms