We are a local subsidiary group of music teachers under Music Teachers National Assoc (MTNA) and the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). We support the mission of MTNA and CAPMT on a local level. This includes promoting the value of music study and music making in our community as well as supporting the professionalism of music teachers. This is accomplished by members who teach with competence, act with integrity, provide professional support for colleagues and communities, and comply with all laws and regulations that impact the music teaching profession.  We call for an ethical commitment to students, to colleagues, and to society.


Local Teacher Support and Interaction: 

Our local group is supportive of one another in an endeavor to help achieve a high standard of professionalism. We welcome the exchange of ideas on all musical issues from teaching challenges to running a successful studio. Periodically, guest lecturers are invited to speak and educational workshops are offered.

Student Opportunities:

Eligibility for all recitals, evaluations, competitions, and auditions within our local group TVMTA, as well as those sponsored by CAPMT (State Level) and MTNA (National Level). Some of the events include:

  • Locally: TVMTA group recitals, CAPMT Piano Auditions & Ensembles, CAPMT Evaluations (sight-reading, aural, theory and performance testing), Music Festival Auditions, Award Recital, Royal Conservatory Music Development Assessments, and our Annual Young Artist Piano Competition.
  • Through CAPMT: The Contemporary Music Festival, Honor’s Auditions, Concerto Competitions, Ensemble Auditions.
  • Through MTNA:  The Junior and Senior Performance Competitions, the Piano Competition, Young Artist Performance Competition, the Chamber Music Performance Competition and the Student Composition Competition.

The American Music Teacher is the official journal of the MTNA and published bi-monthly.
The CAPMT CONNECT is the CAPMT State Newsletter and is published three times a year to inform members of State activities.

​MTNA Resource Library. Including websites for kids listing.


Both State and National Conferences featuring outstanding artists, lectures, demonstrations and discussions on technique, theory, compositions, pedagogy and musicology and much more.

Independent Music Teachers Forum:

The IMTF gives assistance in areas such as the development of studio policies, assistance with tax and zoning problems, teaching strategies and solutions for teaching challenges.

National Certification of Teachers of Music (NCTM) is a program sponsored by MTNA and is transferable to all 50 member states. This program promotes high professional standards and recognizes the need to maintain professional excellence by periodic renewal achieved through continuing education, experience, exposure and growth.  

Music Insurance:
Clarion, the largest insurance firm that is dedicated solely to the needs of musicians is available through MTNA.
Currently they insure more than 10,000 musicians.


​Discounts are available through MTNA for printing, lodging, publications, and more.