Certificate of Achievement






Students who are enrolled in Certificate of Excellence participate in an annual evaluation.  Experienced evaluators will hear students perform selected literature, technique elements, and sight-reading.  Each student will receive a written comprehensive assessment of progress.  Students will also complete a written theory exam that also includes an ear-training component.

Each student will receive a certificate for successfully completing all phases of the examination.  Students can earn up to 4 points per year for successful completion of the different phases.  When they have achieved 12 points, they will be awarded a trophy.  Also, worthy students who demonstrate exceptional skill may be selected to perform at one of our Branch Honors Recitals.  Level III students and up may be selected to perform at the annual Idaho Music Teachers’ State Convention held annually in October. 

The fees for participation range from $23 to $35, depending on the level of enrollment. 

The Music Teachers’ Association of California publishes a syllabus with requirements for all levels that interested teachers can order. You can order online here.


Certificate of Excellence Chair:

Barton Moreau

(208) 375-5351


Certificate of Excellence Committee:

Kristie Rue, NCTM

(208) 938-4896


Jill Wright, NCTM

(208) 338-5287


Andrea Hansen, NCTM

(208) 442-7282


Cheryl Beymer

(208) 466-6359


Amy Weaver, NCTM

(208) 442-3901


If you have students registered for Certificate of Excellence we have a new registration website up and running.  This will be used to input your students’ repertoire for their evaluation sheets.  All of the judges comments will be made online and those digital evaluation sheets will be available for you to see through your login that night, after they are finalized.

Follow the directions below.  If you run into problems or have questions please email Andrea Hansen at ahpianostudio@cableone.net

1.   Go to http://www.treasurevalleymtaregistration.org/index.php

2.   Login is your email address. 

3.   Password is your last name.  If it will not allow you to login please email Andrea Hansen at ahpianostudio@cableone.net and I will send you the user name and password that we have set up for you.

4.   Change your password!

5.   Click on “My Students” (on the left).  You should find a list of all your students you registered for Certificate of Excellence this year as well as trophy points earned in previous years.  Please double check these numbers.  If you disagree with any of the trophy points listed please let us know ASAP!

6.   Click on “Register Students for Certificate of Merit” (on the left).  This will show you all the students you have registered.  You can either cancel a student from CM or you can “input student repertoire”.

7.   Under “Syllabus Piece” enter Title

8.   Under “Syllabus Piece” Composer

9.   Under “Syllabus Piece” Collection & Syllabus # (this is the collection/book the required piece came from AND the page in the syllabus that shows it is from the required list)

10.   Under “Syllabus Piece” select “Yes or No” for if the piece is memorized.  REMEMBER:  Only memorized pieces will be eligible for Honors Recital Selections.  Each level is required to memorize 2 pieces.

11.   Under each of the “Choice Piece” sections enter the same items: Title, Composer, & memorized yes/no

12.   Click “Update Registration”

Update each student you have listed.  You can make any changes you wish to the repertoire until registration is closed on MARCH 29, 2014.  After that time you will not be able to make any changes to any students repertoire listing.

During the following week we will be entering students judges & times.  You will be receiving emails as these are entered to show there was a change made to one of your students.  All scheduling should be completed by APRIL 5, 2014.  You will have from APRIL 5, 2014 until APRIL 11, 2014 to notify us if you have a student that absolutely cannot make their scheduled time.  ALL SCHEDULING TIMES WILL BE FINAL ON APRIL 12, 2014.  There will be no changes allowed to schedules after that date…NOT EVEN WITHIN YOUR OWN STUDIO!  If your student cannot make the final schedule they will be required to play on makeup day MAY 3, 2014.  There is an additional fee to play on Makeup Day.

Thank you!

Certificate of Excellence Committee:

Barton Moreau

Kristie Rue, NCTM

Jill Wright, NCTM

Cheryl Beymer

Amy Weaver, NCTM

Andrea Hansen, NCTM