Certificate of Achievement



Guidelines & Information for Certificate of Excellence 2015



Students who are enrolled in Certificate of Excellence participate in an annual evaluation.  Experienced evaluators will hear students perform selected literature, technique elements, and sight-reading.  Each student will receive a written comprehensive assessment of progress.  Students will also complete a written theory exam that also includes an ear-training component.

Each student will receive a certificate for successfully completing all four phases of the examination.  Students can earn up to 4 points per year for successful completion of the different phases.  When they have achieved 12 points, they will be awarded a trophy. 

The fees for participation on April 18, 2015 range from $28 to $50, depending on the level of enrollment. 

This program is similar to the Certificate of Merit that California MTA uses.  There are a few differences in our program.  We had added a modified “Young Beginner” Level for those beginner students who would like to have the opportunity to be evaluated, but are not quite ready for the full program.  As our program is evolving these are the pertinent items you need to know for this year….

1. We will continue to follow the syllabus that the California MTA uses.  However as we are developing our own program do not feel like you need to purchase a syllabus.  Our program will most likely be changing for 2015-2016 piano year. If you are a new member and would like to participate please contact Andrea Hansen @ 442-7282 or ahpianostudio@cableone.net to borrow a copy to review as you prepare your students this year.

2.    Repertoire—requirements will be the same as they have been in the past from the CA syllabus, including selecting a “required” piece from the selection list in the syllabus.  Young Beginner level does not have a “required” piece list.  When you register you will need the page # from the syllabus that shows the “required” piece.  If a student does not perform a piece that is on the “required” list they will not pass the repertoire requirements and will not receive the trophy point for that phase of the program.  Students are required to play 2-4 repertoire pieces depending on their level.  In each level 2 pieces have to be played from memory.  Student will not pass the level if they do not play 2 pieces from memory.

3.    Technique—requirements will be the same as they have been in the past from the CA syllabus.  Technique is required for Young Beginner thru Advanced levels.  There are technique examples available for you to verify you are teaching the requirements that will be given to the judges.   Advanced technique is a memorized etude.

4.    Sight Reading—requirements will be the same as they have been in the past from the CA syllabus.  Sight reading is required for Prep Level thru Advanced.  Sight Reading is not required for the Young Beginner Level.

5.    Ear Training—requirements will be the same as they have been in the past from the CA syllabus.  Prep Level thru Advanced will have ear training.  Ear training is not required for the Young Beginner Level.

6.    Theory—requirements will be the same as they have been in the past.  Those requirements are listed in the CA syllabus, HOWEVER…we will be purchasing our tests from a different organization this year.  The requirements will be comparable.  Theory tests will be required for Young Beginner thru Advanced.

7. There will be no “Honors Recital” this year for Certificate of Excellence as there has been in the past.  It will be an adjudication only event.  If students wish to participate in an Honors Recital they are welcome to check the information available online for the TVMTA Spring Honors Recital.

If there are any comments, questions, or concerns please contact the 2014-2015 Certificate of Excellence Chair, Andrea Hansen @ 442-7282 or ahpianostudio@cableone.net


Young Beginner - $28

Prep-Level 2 - $32

Level 3-Level 5 - $36

Level 6-Level 8 - $42

Level 9-Advanced - $50

Certificate of Excellence Registration will be online with payments through Paypal.  Online registration opens January 9-January 25, 2015. 

Any questions please contact Andrea Hansen, NCTM  ahpianostudio@cableone.net  (208) 442-7282