Certificate of Achievement


​TVMTA Members,

Thank you to those in attendance at the COA Follow Up Meeting.  We appreciate the input via email from some of you who could not attend.


The decision was made to move completely over to the “Certificate of Achievement” (Musicians West-Idaho) program for the 2019 COA 









The decision was made to keep Make Up Day at only ½ day.  Those spot will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.  All other students that cannot participate on the original day will need to schedule a Path B.  Starting with COA 2019 there will be an additional $20 fee charged to any student who chooses to use Make Up Day or Path B.  This fee will be payable to TVMTA via Paypal before the student’s evaluation form will be available for the judge.  Those students who choose Path B are also responsible for the additional judges fee to compensate that judge for their time.  This is to be paid directly to the judge the day of their Path B evaluation.  Those fees were set based upon the time needed per level to judge.  Those fees are as follows….

         Young Beginner-Level 2 = $6.00 (12 minutes)

         Level 3-Level 5 = $10 (20 minutes)

         Level 6-Level 7 = $15 (30 minutes)

         Level 8-Level 9 = $17.50 (35 minutes)

         Advanced = $20 (40 minutes)




We anticipate that the fees for participation in Certificate of Achievement 2019 will remain the same.  However, the theory test fees from Musicians West have not been set for COA 2019.  Any changes to those costs may affect participation fees for COA 2019.  Participation Fees will be listed on the website http://www.treasurevalleymta.org  as soon as we have them.


COA 2018 Fees were:

         Young Beginner---$28

         Prep-Level 2---$32

         Level 3-Level 5---$36

         Level 6-Level 8---$42

         Level 9-Advance---$50




It was suggested that we start a list of Certificate of Achievement Mentors.  These would be teachers that would be willing to have their name listed on the website http://www.treasurevalleymta.org as a mentor for any of the new TVMTA members who have questions.  If you would be willing to become a mentor for COA please respond to this email and we will add your name and email address to the website. 



It was suggested that we look into using volunteer hours from local High School National Honor Society Students and also the BSU Collegiate Chapter Students to assist with volunteer hours at the Certificate of Achievement event.  Teachers would still be required to provide ½ day volunteer slots based on the number of students they have registered, but we anticipate the number of volunteers they would need to provide would be reduced.  Teachers will still be REQUIRED to fill a ½ day volunteer slot themselves to continue participating in COA.  This event NEEDS teachers (not just other student/parent volunteers) to be able to continue running effectively.  More information will be posted on the website http://www.treasurevalleymta.org as soon as we have that information available.


COA 2019:

The 2019 COA Committee is being finalized.  As soon as we have those members contacted we will post them online.  http://www.treasurevalleymta.org  If you would like to be on the 2019 COA Committee please respond to this email.  We would love to have you participate as a committee member.


We have tentative dates selected for COA 2019.  As soon as those dates have been finalized they will be posted online. http://www.treasurevalleymta.org


It was decided that the 2019 COA Schedules need to be released sooner.  To make this possible some of the other deadlines for registration, repertoire, & volunteers have also been moved to an earlier deadline for COA 2019.  Those dates will be posted on the website as soon as they have been determined.  http://www.treasurevalleymta.org


Thank you for your patience while we make these changes.  We are looking forward to another great Certificate of Achievement event in 2019.


COA 2019 Committee

Emily Hanks, Chair